Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's Twist Again

Since Progressland didn't pick up his birthday present last week it's getting posted here:

I don't know if Chris Stoddard covers dance records (the Guiness kind, not the vinyl kind) in The Disneyland Encyclopedia or just omelet records, but on March 31, 1989 the 'Largest Twist Party' record was set with the help of Chubby Checker. 2,248 people gathered at Disneyland at the crack of dawn to make the magic happen.

The event was co-sponsored by SoCal oldies radio station K-Earth and Disneyland to promote Blast to the Past at Disneyland.

In case anyone wondered, the record has been smashed repeatedly since then at various stadiums.

Yes, that is Br'er Fox hiding behind Chubby. And Br'er Rabbit is on the right behind Mr. T. But where is Br'er Bear? Splash Mountain was built by the time of this event but did not open to the public until July 17, 1989. No doubt their presence at this event was connected to Splash Mountain.

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