Saturday, January 24, 2009

Exciting Plans for Disneyland '86

The cover says 'Circus Fantasy' but this issue of the Disneyland Line contains some real nuggets regarding the strategy of the marketing department circa 1986.

On the cover Timothy Mouse is holding a whip. Over the years sometimes he has used a whip and sometimes a magic feather.

1986 really was a year packed with excitement: Giftgiver Extraordinaire, Circus Fantasy, Totally Minnie, State Fair, Captain Eo, and Star Tours soft-opening.

There were five different full parades in 1986! Circus on Parade, Totally Minnie, State Fair, Main Street Electrical, Very Merry Christmas. Three brand new parades debuted in one year!

The questions regarding shifting attendance and long-term events has been replaced with a reliance on annual passholders. The loss of these special events is a shame. The short-term events referred to on page 2 were Festival Japan and similar weekend events.

The opening of Captain Eo was delayed from Spring to Fall.

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