Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Showtime!

Entertainment Show Schedules were made available to cast members sometime in the 1980's until they were replaced around 1995. During the summer this would be full front and back, but this specimen is from the off-season mid-week.

Some Disneylander terms can be found on this document that are decoded below:

ADO = Authorized Day Off: An ADO could be granted in advance by submitting a request to have a day off. Sometimes an ADO was granted on the actual day of the shift if you were lucky!

Mix-in = Semi-private party: The advertised park closing was 6:00, but no one was kicked out of the park. The up-side for the organization is that their members get a full day of fun instead of only four hours. A mix-in usually started at 4 PM but sometimes, like on January 28, 1994 it was a full day. The upside for the park is that day guests that stayed bought food but the operating costs for the park were pretty much fixed.

P. Excellence = Performance Excellence: A shift in management philosphy that was rolled out in 1994. P.E. had positive and negative outcomes. Come back tomorrow for more on Performance Excellence!

MM = Magic Morning: Early park hours in one or two lands before regular park opening. This was made available to tourists who booked vacations through the Walt Disney Travel Company as an incentive. My guess is that these Magic Mornings were in Mickey's Toontown/Tomorrowland. Magic Mornings began in the late 80's and were usually in Tomorrowland because of the large capacity of Space Mountain, Star Tours, and Autopia.

Show notes:

The live flag retreat ceremony was already the victim of budget cuts it seems.

The Tomorrowland Terrace was still the Tomorrowland Terrace. Discovery, Voyager, and Enterprise were still shaking up the crowds (probably not as much as Gravel, Cement, & Rock).

The Brass Brothers and Five Alarm Jazz Band were 'breakdown groups' comprised of members of the Disneyland Band.

Guest groups were part of 'Magic Music Days', where youth groups get to perform in front of thousands of adoring fans!

The Main Street Pianist was still sometimes using the Piano Bike! Do they still drag it out now? Do any of you vintage bloggers have photos?
Tomorrow: What is the real meaning of Performance Excellence? How about Performance Impotence? No, I'm not making this up. Really. I wish I were and so will you.

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