Saturday, August 9, 2008

State Fair Sunday Part One

Where's Bonnie Appetite?

State Fair at Disneyland was one of three seasonal park-wide special events that were held in the late 1980's. The other events were Blast to the Past and Circus Fantasy.

State Fair was first held in the Fall of 1987. Here are some scans of the Disneyland Line Employee Newletter from 9/24/08 (click the scan to read).

Selected merchandise locations distributed bumper stickers to guests of their home state for State Fair '88 (or was it '87?). Here are some scans of five of them:

Purists were most offended by the carnival atmosphere exuded by the midway games on the Plaza and Small World Mall, the Ferris Wheel on the Hub planter, and another Ferris Wheel at the Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station (the Railroad was closed for Splash Mountain construction). My confession is that I sort of liked State Fair. Please don't shoot me.

Next time the Phantom Blot is going to take Sleeping Beauty Castle. No really. It's going to disappear completely. Before your very eyes.

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