Friday, August 29, 2008

Fantasmic! Friday!

Today is the very first Fantasmic! Friday! I don't know about you, but I think an exclamation point should be added to all Disneyland attractions. Omnibus! Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln! Mark Twain Riverboat! Davey Crockett Explorer Canoes! It might just send hourly ride counts through the roof!

Did you know that before Fantasmic! was Fantasmic!, it was Imagination? Now you do!

Here is an article from the February 12, 1992 Disneyland Line detailing the Fantasmic! marketing tour that was about to kick off. Disneyland was still big on big balloons in 1992. 1990 had given us the big balloons of Party Gras (or was it Party Gras!); 1991 followed with Surprise! Celebration over at WDW. Even Tokyo Disneyland got in on the act with a big balloon parade. Big balloons have apparantly gone the way of car giveaways and gift machines-just ask Ursula.

Yes, remember Ursula? She was Fantasmic!'s very own big balloon.

Anyway, enough with the suspense:

And as a special bonus (although not as cool as this bonus):

Poor Fantasy Waters. They didn't last long after Fantasmic debuted. Perhaps they should have changed the name to Fantasy Waters!!! Because if one exclamation point is good, three must be best!!!

Next week I'll have more Fantasmic! for you. It's already pre-posted and everything!

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TokyoMagic! said...

How beat me to it, Westcot 2000! I have a post on my "idea list" for future posts about exclamation points. The Japanese use them from time to time at Tokyo DL in names of attractions, parades, ads for coming events, etc. I love them (the Japanese AND exclamation points). After all, I put one in my user name!

I always liked the Dancing Waters, but I never got to see the new Fantasy Waters version. And that Maleficent baloon was used in the parking lot in 1995 to advertise Mickey's Halloween Treat, but I didn't know that it was originally created to advertise Fantasmic. Great information....thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!