Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today's post comes to you from lovely Willowick Golf Course in Santa Ana. What does Willowick have to do with Disneyland? It almost was Disneyland!

Buzz Price narrowed potential locations down to four sites, including Willowick. The Santa Ana location lost out to Anaheim for several reasons, but the closeness of the freeway to Anaheim no doubt helped.

The Santa Ana line of the Pacific Electric Railway ran right next Willowick until about 1950. Willowick is at the Santa Ana Gun Club station.

The right-of-way for the railroad is still clearly visible from the air. The Santa Ana River forms another border.

The city of Garden Grove has proposed building a Hard Rock Theme Park on the site; Santa Ana has proposed a soccer stadium. My guess is the neighbors want neither!

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omg i used to live in wellington place gated community
across the street i never knew this